Our Expertise

For oil companies in need of an experienced geosteering partner, GeoVision brings precision insight and fresh perspective
when it’s needed most: 24/7.



No. 1

Eagle Ford Steering Company

100% in zone

Longest Well in the Permian

Preferred Partner of Majors

Top Geosteering World Cup Rankings

Central Region

Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle

Bakken and Niobrara


Half our staff started in the Marcellus and later in the Utica.


Hundreds of wells in Texas and New Mexico, focusing on Wolfcamp, Spraberry, Cline, and Barnett.

Gulf Coast

GeoVision is the No. 1 Eagle Ford Geosteering company by far. We also work throughout East Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Alabama.



Battle-tested, world-renowned

How do you measure geosteering expertise? We believe in competition. Year after year, our team has placed among the best in the world, individually and combined at Rogii's Geosteering World Cup competition.

Rogii's Geosteering World Cup

Since the World Cup began, our team has consistently placed in the Top 10 (and Top 20%) among competitors around the globe.

2018: Samantha Tracy & Ryan Nostrud Champions
2021: Sean Palmer, Champion
2021: Top 20% Worldwide: Jackie Palmer, Samantha Tracy
2022: Samantha Tracy (7th), Jackie Palmer (18th)
2022: Karma Doescher, Champion

Teamwork is our secret sauce

Well-rounded combined with a Git-R-Done attitude. That’s GeoVision. Oil field experts who mix geeky analytic skills with a blue-collar mentality. Who better to have on your side when a well goes sideways?

Taking the long view

While others hire generic positions that come and go, we build our people up over time. When you work for GeoVision, you’re in it for the long haul. Our tight-knit culture keeps us connected, professionally and personally. Which makes us that much better at serving our clients.

Natural problem-solvers

Instead of pointing fingers, we’re all about fixing issues as they arise. How can I make those around me better? It’s more than a question. It’s a mindset we all share.


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